This page has a very simple purpose. This project is the ongoing result of the inspiration, help, and support of many. Friends have encouraged us, given us advice, given us rides, shown us around, helped translate, and much more. To all of you, listed here or not, thank you. (In no particular order)


Our Families.

Garrett Martin

Evgeny Potashin

Ella Akashina

Lilya and Siarhei


Daria Lisitsyna


Grandma Valentina


Ilgiz, the “Silent Driver”

Vasiliy Rojkov, Kirill, Aleksei, Katya, and Tanya

Aleksei Galkin

Evgeniya Maksyutova

Svetlanna Lidanna

Gloria Faulds

Aidan and Marina

The Ishanov Family

Dr. Frederick White

James Swenson

Dimitriy Jakovlef (if you ever go to Irkutsk, FIND HIM!


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