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Prints for Sale! Prints to be Redeemed!

25 May

Once again thank you so much for your support with our project.  We know it’s been a while.  Since we last talked, so much has happened.  Christine and Tree both graduated from college and thinking life would get easier after that happened.. we were both proved quite wrong.  Christine has since moved to Chicago and recently smuggled herself into the Middle East to complete a documentary series about nomads.  Tree landed himself a dream job working as a bush pilot in Alaska, traveling across the great unknowns of The North.  Needless to say, neither one of us are good at being “normal”…


We are committed to completing this project, though!  Tree has been working with many talented translators to decipher the footage.. a major step to completing the editing process.  However, as the film may be a while before it is finished, we want to get on with the rewards to all those who donated on Kickstarter!  First off on the list, is making sure that you get the prints awarded to all our wonderful backers.  If you donated $35+ dollars (with the exception of the $250 donation) you get a print! Please download the following PDF full of twenty different images you can choose from! (see bottom of the page) So many options!  Pick out your favorite and send the print name-number to info [at] and she will do the rest.  You like two and don’t know what to choose?  Get both!  We will be selling unmatted images for extra money, to help pay these translators we are using just a little bit more.
One of the many prints for sale or to be redeemed.  Image by Christine Armbruster

One of the many prints for sale or to be redeemed. Image by Christine Armbruster


Extra print charges:










All prices include shipping to U.S.


Want two images, but only bought one Kickstarter credit? Buy an extra print for just a little bit more! Image by Tree Gore

Want two images, but only bought one Kickstarter credit? Buy an extra print for just a little bit more! Image by Tree Gore


Pick out your images, and if you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail to info [at]


Download the print catalogue here! (PDF)

A new year, with much to do!

20 Jan

Dear friends. A delayed welcome to 2012. 2011 was certainly exciting, rich, and unpredictable. Christine and I have high hopes with solid foundations that 2012 can only be equal, if not better, and are very much looking forward to whatever and where ever will come.

So what have we been up to? In December, I finished my final semester of classes at UVU, and Christine nearly the same. It was busy, with us both working and taking heavy university loads, but we managed to get quite a bit done. Between our return to the US in August and December, we had photos from Half Day Around shown in half a dozen galleries and events around Utah. We had a gallery party to show locals what we had been up to, were featured by multiple news papers, and spoke at a university international event after being interviewed on film for a highlight of active students. We also released our first trailer, targeted towards university students who would also have read about us.

In terms of the film itself, we have been working primarily on transcribing and translating the endless video footage captured on our adventure. We have been fortunate to have the help of many Russian/English-speaking volunteers to help in this area. While it is taking some time, doing so will streamline the editing process and ease subtitle work.

And all the while we have been working on sending out post cards to keep in contact. So far we have sent out over 100 of them, and still have more to go! (We have gotten word from a few of you whose postcards were lost in the mail. Please let us know if this happens, as we will want to send another.)

Also, if your address has changed from the one given to us, and we still need to send you Half Day Around paraphernalia please send us a message with your current location and a note if you think it will change again. This will help us greatly.

For those of you wondering about the film, which I would guess is most of you: My hope is that I will have a close to final version out by June. This will then be test-screened with various film-enthusiasts and university connections to help us further improve the edit. Anyone of you who want to participate in initial screenings, in person or via the web, send us an email. We would love to have your help in this. For everyone else, we will release trailers and teasers periodically as well.

For those of you wondering about choosing your prints: We are working on a website where you will be able to view and choose the photo you would like. This way you will be able to see many of our photos that never appeared on the blog, and choose whichever ones you connect with most.

I believe that is all for now. As always, thank you, thank you, thank you again and again.

Tree and Christine

The UVU Review

14 Sep

Screen shot of UVU's website where you can read the article.


Yesterday an article ran in the UVU Review, Utah Valley University’s newspaper about our project.  It’s a great little article, so if you have a moment, check it out on UVU’s website.

Minor note, however, the show at Juice ‘n Java will not be up until next month, despite what the article says.  So don’t go there quite yet looking for work, but we’ll be sure to post more on that later.

Also, our project’s funding officially ended last night, raising us $7,512!  Thank you all who donated.  If you missed it, there will be plenty of opportunities in the near future to buy prints, books, and DVDs as they are released, so just hang tight for a while.

Funding Victory

12 Sep

We did it!  We successfully met our fundraising goal of $7,000 and we still have another day to go.  Thank you all so much for the contributions, support, and spreading the word for us.  We both thank you so very very much.

Kickstarter's list of projects ending soon. Ours included, recently being 100% funded.

One week, $539 to go

6 Sep

Click on the photo to get to the fundraiser page to donate and watch our promo video if you haven't already.

As many of you know, we have been doing a massive fundraiser for the post-production of our project.  This includes color correction, professional sound mixing, the first run of DVDs, prints for a photography exhibit, and many more things.  Not to mention paying for all the wonderful incentives donors receive.  Point being, there are expenses we have coming up and this fundraiser is the only way we can afford it.  The more money we raise, the more we can put into the project and the better it will be.  Thank you to all those who have helped us up to this point, and thank you to all those that will be helping us in the future.  We are so close!  We are 92% funded, and would love all the support we can get.  So, if you have a moment and a few extra dollars, we would love for you to be a part of our project.  Just seven more days till the fundraiser is over.  So, go check it out, watch our promo video (if you haven’t already) and help us out!